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Everything seems fine and dandy

["RT @Quentin_Bretzke: To all #stlblues Angella Sharpe fans. \n\nI thought I should show you these all new electric CalTrain Trains.\n\nThat are…", 0.0]

["@Amtrak @Caltrain any chance you get these with your tweet on there?", 0.4688]

["RT @SAMCEDA: Today's newsletter features:\n\n✈️Special @Caltrain service to #FleetWeekSF\n🗨️@HansonBridgett's CLE opportunity\n🐦@SMCHealth's ad…", 0.0]

["Today's newsletter features:\n\n✈️Special @Caltrain service to #FleetWeekSF\n🗨️@HansonBridgett's CLE opportunity\n🐦…", 0.0]

["@hrafntho @CrusoniaC I am at the store, on the CalTrain, on the subway, on the sidewalk — no surfaces to pin things on.", 0.6667000000000001]

["@Caltrain Intermodal?", 0.0]

["How did you participate in #CACleanAirDay?", 0.0]

["PG&E Powers Caltrain's Electrification for Safer, Cleaner Bay Area Transit - PGE Currents:…", 0.0]

["@sam_d_1995 @s_m_stofka @tjosborne_ @iloveportwine @StarLineChicago @the_transit_guy @Amtrak Well, thing is that ca…", 0.4667]

["RT @Caltrain: #CleanAirDayCA is great opportunity to try alternative forms of transportation. Help reduce vehicle emissions by using public…", -0.14579999999999993]