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Hard to say.

["@m_w_official I'm voting for it because it’s a pure ops measure, and Caltrain will be shut down if it fails.", -0.13399999999999998]

["Love to have to take breaks from pro-environment phonebanking because the wildfires screwed up my lungs that badly.…", 0.3556]

["Vote YES on Measure RR — Rescue Caltrain, Relieve Traffic, Reduce Pollution\n #2020 #Elections #EMS…", -0.0625]

["Read more on our blog:\n\nAnd thank you to our forum co-hosts @SFTRU, @ylinstitute, @alevin &…", 0.25]

["Measure RR rescues Caltrain from shutdown, invests in cleaner train cars, reduces air pollution and creates a more…", -0.3125]

["@lizemilyishere Tbh it's been really safe too. Amtrak/Caltrain at least have made it basically zero contact and int…", 0.28132500000000005]

["RT @SupDavePine: Caltrain sales tax measure is critical to advancing Bay Area climate goals | | @gbeltalliance @Sar…", -0.3125]

["RT @gbeltalliance: Deputy Director @SarahRCardona makes the case to vote YES on RR to save @Caltrain for the sake of our region's environme…", -0.0625]

["I know you're thinking about Nov 3rd! Our planet’s future is on the ballot. Voters in San Francisco have an opportu…", 0.375]

["There's still time to sign-up for today's phone bank at 3pm to support @YesOnRR to save @Caltrain with Asm.…", -0.6875]