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Everything seems fine and dandy

["RT @KatieACausey: This is why I love trains", 0.925]

["@Caltrain @USDOTFRA Arlo Guthrie made \"the City of New Orleans\" famous, but it was written by Steve Goodman!\n\n", -0.625]

["RT @witzshared: Rediculous. That's more than some states total operating budget -- Cost of proposed #SanFrancisco commuter, high-speed rail…", 0.275]

["Thinking outside the box… Hey, Soul Sister by Train 💁🏻‍♀️", -0.375]

["@USDOTFRA Wanted to go with Gladys, but @capntransit beat us to it. So dropping in with Arlo Guthrie's ode to rails…", 0.625]

["@fmerkin1 @that_mc @artman @alexqgb And the planning for the rail tunnel for Caltrain and high speed rail is close…", -0.475]

["@Caltrain Find a hobby that has interesting nice people involved, and make some friends there.", 1.7709000000000001]

["RT @Caltrain: Did you know #Caltrain's Electrification Project is creating 33,000 jobs in CA and nationwide! Our amazing team is hard at wo…", 0.875]

["@Caltrain bring back the weekend bullet trains pleaseeeeeeee 😭", -0.5]

["@that_mc @artman @alexqgb Yeah, I don't understand this either. The transit center *only* has buses lol. That's the…", 0.0]