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Hard to say.

["@hknightsf Not just TL. I’ve noticed lots more people by the 280 on-ramp next to Caltrain.", -0.9643]

["#BayArea's #Caltrain begins EMU testing #sanfrancisco #sanjose #california", 0.0]

["RT @caseymorrison: Active travel map for Leeds, just needs journey time in mins..", 1.5356999999999998]

["RT @Caltrain: #Caltrain is now running on Track 2 at the NEW Hillsdale Station Platform. \n\nThank you to all the workers, planners, and pass…", 0.6875]

["@Thompson_KF ACE, Caltrain, Bus, Bike, Walk", 0.0]

["@antoguerrera @afneil Oh, go eat shit pal", 0.0]

["RT @Goofzino: Only boys can plan this easily.", 0.375]

["@wJohnson91 Railfest? More like REALfest, amirite!", 0.0]

["RT @maidstoneonbike: It's very clear the difference between the ineffective paint, and the new segregation. Note the HGV at the red light,…", -0.5867]

["RT @oatmealboy: The plan for next Saturday, June 13: VTA bus 77 to Berryessa BART. BART green line to Embarcadero. Muni N/T bus to San Fran…", -0.8332999999999999]