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I hear the grumblings on twitter

["@nextdoorsv @lob_revitsky Also taking the stairs is still required for a southbound BART->Caltrain transfer, and I…", 0.5]

["It is so illogical for the Caltrain commuter line to have closer station spacing than the BART extension.\n\nTamien t…", -0.5]

["@A359Alex @acnetj @bartsv @CAgovernor @VTA @Caltrain That would be bad for everyone", -0.5588]

["@acnetj @liamleewashere @bartsv @CAgovernor @VTA @Caltrain Caltrain will not terminate short of Diridon.", -0.8529]

["@Caltrain Boo, they deleted.", 0.0]

["@liamleewashere @bartsv @CAgovernor @VTA @Caltrain There's would still be a redundancy. If folks xfer at Santa Clar…", 0.0]

["#KCBSTraffic #Caltrain UPDATE!!! #SanFrancisco", 0.0]

["@acnetj @bartsv @CAgovernor @VTA @Caltrain It would have riders who are going from the peninsula to the east bay, no?", -1.2083]

["@acnetj @bartsv @CAgovernor @VTA @Caltrain Caltrain m w f su bart t th sat", 0.0]

["@bartsv @CAgovernor I do have to wonder whether @VTA would propose to terminate @Caltrain at Santa Clara & force ri…", -0.875]