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Trains are mad delayed, yo

["@neipate96 @sanpabloavenue North Station to Park Street: 1.1km\nCaltrain to Montgomery: 1.5km\nGrand Central to Wall…", -0.375]

["san mateo 公寓出租两间卧室,开车十分钟到Costco大华Marina,步行五分钟到san mateo downtown各类餐馆、咖啡馆、药房、银行、图书馆等,开车五分钟走路十五分钟到san mateo caltrain…", 0.0]

["Caltrain gonna force me to buy a car. Trash service for weeks now", 0.4375]

["@sanpabloavenue @threestationsq If San Francisco was like Boston or even Philly it'd have rapid transit (or undergr…", -0.125]

["@AsHotDog @jennifertru07 @alex_harmon @geolikestrains I have a vision of a simple cross platform transfer at 19th A…", -1.3125]

["@gisellemarie @SamTrans Finally Every Caltrain crossing should have Grade Separation. How many more accidents are w…", -0.875]

["UPDATE: Caltrain Train 542 is Delayed 11 Minutes Approaching Morgan Hill in the Southbound Direction.", -0.5625]

["UPDATE: Caltrain Train 173 has Arrived to 22nd Street.", 0.0]

["UPDATE: Caltrain Train 173 is Delayed 21 Minutes Approaching San Bruno Station in the Northbound Direction.", -0.5625]

["UPDATE: Caltrain Train 172 has Arrived to San Martin.", 0.0]