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Hard to say.

["@monicamallon That Caltrain and GO are pursuing programs of converting conventional commuter rail into electrified…", -0.375]

["Caltrain's KISSes pass yet another important test ⬇️", -0.2813]

["\nGame Name: Traffic Command\nGame Company: Bubble Shooter\n#ergameonline #games #gamer…", -0.375]

["@Caltrain 1) Sunnyvale, 2) San Mateo (Hillsdale), 3) Redwood City", 0.0]

["@Caltrain @balfourbeatty What this baby's top speed going to be? Will it pull a G on acceleration?", -0.33330000000000004]

["@peralta0x18 @Caltrain @balfourbeatty 🤫", 0.0]

["@Caltrain @zachlipton Great job team! I can't wait. Is this test ahead of schedule?", 0.3542]

["@sparkly_comet @Caltrain @zachlipton 🤣 make sure to have a go pro slapped on the side for that. I wanna see!", 0.2709]

["@Caltrain @zachlipton Thanks!", 0.1]

["@dmtrubman Caltrain Corridor bay-beeeeeee", 0.0]