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Hard to say.

["Op-Ed: Facing a funding crisis, Caltrain doubled down on racial and social equity, and it worked…", -0.3036]

["@MadelineNotes That part is the scariest part of riding to Caltrain/Bart. Shame there’s no plan to make it better.", 0.27090000000000003]

["@SSVHD @cafedujord classy to the end. and a fun thing is in 2018 Bohannon tried to push for the zoning to only chan…", 0.1375]

["RT @sandypsj: Moderate--but only moderate--progress in the regional rail department: Caltrain's EMU sets will only have 3 staff, not 4.", -1.375]

["@AQJ_DK The schedules will be posted online soon. Thank you for your patience. Have a great night! ^MS", 0.8542000000000001]

["@Caltrain your station information boards mentions service changes effective 12/14, but I can’t find any information on your website?", 0.6667000000000001]

["I dislike highway widening as much as the next person but it is branded as “Caltrans” not “CalTrans” \n\nJust like i…", -0.7143]

["@skinnylatte I miss that part of SF though. \nMUNIs are a mess but work in a pinch. \n\nSomeday when Caltrain to Diridion is safe, come visit", 0.6667000000000001]

["@Caltrain", 0.0]

["@nilocobau @threestationsq Yeah I figured loading gauge would be an issue but I was thinking of doing it the other…", -0.25]